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Welcome to Destination To Destination Cargo

Our company was established in 2062 B.S. in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company started as a freight forwarding company, focusing on air, sea, and land freight services. We offer customs agency, transport insurance, and other services related to exports and imports as part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive service for our clients.

The emergence of new needs in international logistics and globalization has led us to create Cross-Trade (triangular shipments), Cross-Docking (cargo consolidation), Freight, and Project departments. DTD is an organization with an enduring structure, formed by individuals with extensive experience who always strive to advance their professional skills. Our primary objective is to provide the best products and services to our clients according to their needs.

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Air Cargo Services

Our cargo aircraft proposals are based on a detailed analysis of the route, load, and timeline for your requirements. Our team is also capable of offering part charters,...

Land / Sea Services

Road haul services are provided by DTD Cargo for all types of cargo locally and internationally. Utilizing several fleet owners, we can match commodities with vehicles...

Warehouse Solutions

Warehouses are commercial buildings used to store goods. Clients often lack the space or facilities to store their cargo and need secure distribution and storage facilities....

Courier Services

DTD Cargo has been providing courier services all over the world. From industrial to residential, we deliver a wide variety of packages and products. The services we offer...

Relocation Services

Whether you're moving with your family or without them, moving internationally can be stressful. Whether it is for the first time for you to emigrate from Nepal, or you have...


We offer DDP & DDU Shipments services that meet international standards. DDP stands for Delivered Duty Paid. All operations are handled efficiently by our team in order...


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Cargo backlog creates traffic headaches on sea and land

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Ocean Shipping

Every business approaches shipping differently. And there are a lot of variables to choose from as you build your supply chain: the containers,...

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